Getting Connected: Upping Your Social Media Game FBIG202

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Learn Mindful Social Media Solutions for a Greater guest connection that are being used to drive customers into the salon to fill last minute openings and gain new customers for salon professionals. Discover the Key Strategies that deliver results and show your salon success is attributed to your social success. 3 Key Strategies 1) Connection: Getting Visual – Learn how to create Visual stories with the right content and curation. Learn Difference in recorded Video and the Power of Live Connections and when to use which one for greater results. Upping your app game for better visual quality and variety. 2) Content & Curation: Getting Heard – a picture is worth a thousand words right? Learn how a picture tells a story, what emotions does it evoke and how to position your photos differently to create a positive long lasting connection with the guest and the best practices for hashtags. Discover how to create engaging content messages, share user generated content, repurposing, and conversation starters. 3) Community: Getting Touched- Best practices to engage your guests in social sharing, learn how to take word of mouth to World of Mouth. To Boost/Promote or not? Learn the easy affordable ways to keep the appointment book full of the multi service ticket guests and grow your online community. Consumers are more loyal when they feel a part of something. Highly recommended to attend Getting Started Social Media Solutions FBIG 101 prior to this program MUST have a Facebook and Instagram Business Page before attending Bring mobile device, a hot spot or jet pack as wifi is unpredictable in meeting rooms and power cord.