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Lynn has been a corporate trainer for over 25 years and has trained salon professionals all over the US. She has trained artists to grow as trainers. Lynn is a highly interactive trainer and knows that adults learn the same way as children do and that is by having fun. Mixing a bit of humor with interaction creates a high level of learning.

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Since 2008 Lynn has spent 10’s of thousands of dollars training on Social Media strategies to help salon professionals grow their clientele and keep their appointment book full with social media strategies. Lynn believes that in the beginning social media was a nice thing to do, now it’s a critical necessity for all businesses. If we are not doing social media well, chances are that our competition is!

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Lynn is very passionate about growing salon professionals making a difference in the professional salon industry that she has published CDs, she will launch her first book this year and has additional materials in the works right now to help salon professionals grow their businesses. Be sure to follow Lynn in social media for her hot tips and sign up on her email list, for free downloads of the cutting edge knowledge to use social media along with salon promotional marketing strategies to grow your business.