The 3 Rs… Retail. Re-Book. Referral.

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Would you like to better understand the true purpose of retailing? Selling retail tools can be a big money making opportunity in the salon. In this class you will learn an easy and systematic approach to retailing that will increase earning power as well as client retention. Learn how to sell liquid and hard tools without being “pushy” or feeling like a salesman. This systematic approach will help you to solve your client’s problems by helping them to reproduce their look at home which will have a positive impact on your business. Do your clients sometimes have a difficult time scheduling an appointment that works for them… and you? Do you find yourself “squeezing” people into your day? Pre-booking is simply the act of reserving a client’s future appointment before they leave the salon, yet so many of us find this act too time consuming or “pushy.” Learn how pre-booking your client has the single largest impact on client retention and increased future service sales. Help mentor your clients to pre-book and set aside time for themselves so they can get into the salon when it is convenient for them and you. Do your clients often refer their friends to you? Seeking new clients through existing clientele is one of the most effective methods of increasing your client base. Learn how to promote your referral business by implementing strategies that will help you increase your earnings. You will learn business building strategies, the benefits to the salon professional, and how to understand the client and how they affect our business. All of which will lead to gaining new guests and keeping them.